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Recycled curtains

Upcycling consists of increasing the life cycle of raw materials by using scraps from the production process, which have been selected for their quality. This process leads to a lower carbon footprint thanks to a specific manufacturing process using less water and less energy.

Linder pioneers recycled or, more precisely, upcycled curtains

Upcycled yarns are yarns that are given a second life. Waste or scrap fabrics from the textile industry are recovered and then sorted by colour in order to extract the fibre using a mechanical process. The upcycled fibres then undergo the standard yarn manufacturing process.

These fibres are therefore recycled “upwards” and reused in the Linder workshops. Thanks to upcycling, the production of upcycled fabric products has 98% less impact on the environment than products made using new raw materials.

This approach also ensures traceability of raw materials and transparency in the manufacture of our products.