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Employer brand

The people working for Linder are part of the great adventure of the French textile industry. Since 1904, our teams have been driven by a passion for their work, guided by a family spirit that is part of our corporate culture.

Profiles required

We are regularly looking for all types of profiles related to the textile industry – administrative, technical, manual, managerial... many opportunities are available at our production and logistics sites in the Loire (Violay, Saint Marcel de Félines) and at our dyeing plant in the Rhône (Tarare).

We are also able to offer solutions for retraining in the textile and décor professions, so please do not hesitate to send us your applications.

Careers and training opportunities

Would you like to retrain in the textile and home décor professions and join a historic and dynamic company that is 100% committed to French manufacturing standards? Joining Linder is about continuing the expertise passed down through many generations of textile weavers.

If you are motivated and like to get involved, you will be rewarded at Linder with in-house training to give you the skills you need to fulfil your potential. 

Discover the various opportunities we offer and make regular progress within the company.

Why work at Linder

Over the past 120 years, we have seen many generations of passionate weavers and couturiers pass through our ranks. Our business has evolved considerably in recent years by integrating cutting-edge technologies and equipment that make work processes and postures less arduous.

Working at Linder is also and above all about producing French decorative textiles, maintaining employment in rural areas, and helping collectively to promote French industry.

A family enterprise

Joining Linder not only means becoming part of a family business with strong values of tenacity and daily commitment, it also means joining the great family of the French textile industry, with a reputation extending beyond French borders that is the pride of our staff members.

Gender equality at work

Linder works council that acts for equal rights and opportunities between men and women at work has published its 2021 index.

The national index in France comes to 86/100.

In 2021 this ratio for Linder reaches 93/100.

This is the sign that Linder has always been deeply engaged in a policy of corporate social responsibility.