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Tarare (Rhône, France)

The dyeing plant, located close to the weaving factory, covers the entire finishing process. It is equipped with an autonomous water treatment system, in accordance with the commitments made to local communities.

Textile finishing and dyeing

The Linder SA dyeing plant, located close to the weaving factory, covers the entire finishing process. 

Our qualified laboratory technicians design the dyes and finishing touches and carry out permanent colorimetry checks. The fabrics are then dyed using different techniques according to the characteristics of the fabrics, for an impeccable quality and depth of colour and perfect resistance to the aggressions of use and time.

The colour laboratory

Our colour laboratory designs the shades suggested by the design office. Our formulas are constantly monitored by our qualified teams to ensure compliance with standards and the resistance of the colour over time. We take regular samples to check the validity of the colours using our spectrometers.

High temperature dyeing

Our factory can dye all types of textiles thanks to our fleet of high temperature autoclaves, jiggers and overflow dyeing machines. All Linder collections are processed in our factory in Tarare. 

Drying and sizing

Depending on the nature of the fibres, whether synthetic or natural, we adapt the dyeing and drying technique to ensure that the colours are perfectly maintained over time. According to the specifications, we apply finishing treatments to our fabrics using chemical or mechanical sizing (water-repellence, brushing, softening, etc.). These are state-of-the-art technologies that require a thorough understanding of environmental requirements and standards.

Responsible dyeing

Our TDT factory is classified according to the French classification system for environmental protection (ICPE). All our wastewater is processed first by our on-site pre-treatment plant, then in a second phase by the Tarare municipal plant with which we have a wastewater discharge agreement.