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Mosquitoes make their appearance every summer and can be a real nuisance. Thanks to a revolutionary textile made in France, we no longer have to put up with these parasites.

The sheer curtain that eliminates 100% of mosquitoes!

Founded more than a century ago, the Linder family business continues to innovate thanks to its expertise in the industry, and has now introduced the first sheer curtains that eliminate 100% of mosquitoes. The results of tests on mosquitoes by the French National Research Institute (IRD) show mortality within 30 minutes of contact with the textile.

Made in the Loire region of France, the special feature of this sheer fabric is that it has been woven with yarn incorporating a lethal insecticide – a technique that complies with WHO standards for the fight against infectious diseases, has no environmental impact and is, of course, harmless to humans.

Linder innovations - Mosquito-repellent
Mosquito-repellent Linder Product
Mosquito-repellent fabric

after 30 minutes of exposure*

Weaving yarn

The active ingredient is integrated into the yarn before weaving

Healthy fabric

Odourless & fully compliant with WHO requirements

* Tested by the IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement), the French National Research Institute.


The technique developed by Tergal Protect® consists of incorporating an active principle at a very high temperature, which is interlocked between the polyester molecules within the yarn before weaving. The migration of the insecticide to the surface occurs as the mosquito comes into contact with the fabric. There is no propagation in the surrounding air.

Environmentally friendly

This innovation avoids the dispersion of active substances in the atmosphere and therefore has no environmental impact. Numerous tests were carried out with Linder throughout all stages of production to ensure that the voile would be effective over time and would comply with the standards dictated by the WHO, which has made mosquito control a priority. 


The fabric is odourless and UV resistant, and can be washed twice a year for three years without generating any active substances in the water used for washing. Harmless to humans (including children)*. 

*Tests carried out in the Tergal Protect® laboratories.