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Maintaining production in France requires continuous, non-stop operation. This means that five teams of textile weavers work in relay day and night, weekends included. These skills are reflected in all types of weave: plain, rep, satin, twill, basket, cannele, etc.

The heart of our business, weaving.

The Linder weaving factory is now equipped with a fleet of looms enabling it to offer its customers impeccable manufacturing quality: Jacquard, Warp and Weft, Marquisette.

This diversity allows us to produce all types of weave (taffeta, cheesecloth, satin, twill, basket, etc.) on all types of textiles (natural, synthetic, etc.), but also to produce volumes to meet large orders from home décor and DIY shops around the world. 

“Made in France” weaving is an everyday guarantee of quality, supported by tried and tested procedures and, above all, by teams of weavers who are committed to promoting French manufacturing throughout the world.

Industrial products made under the watchful gaze of master craftsmen

Our Quality Control department monitors each stage of the weaving process and carries out numerous checks. In line with the wishes of our founder, Célestin Linder, this enables us to offer our customers industrial products whose quality is as good, or even better, than products woven by hand.