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A wealth of ecological innovations goes into Linder’s anti-pollution fabrics and sheer curtains. On contact with the curtain, an active process applied during the dyeing procedure cleans indoor air by destroying the formaldehydes and aldehydes present in the home (detergents, glues, dyes, varnishes, tobacco, candles, etc.).

Linder, inventor of anti-pollution fabrics and sheer curtains

The number one pollutant in enclosed spaces, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be found in certain laminate floor coverings, cigarette and candle smoke, glues, certain carpets and cleaning products, etc. 

They can cause allergies, asthma, nose and eye irritations, rhinitis, migraines and have been declared carcinogenic by the WHO.

In view of this, our R&D teams started work on the development of a textile that reduces pollution. It has taken almost two years to achieve the desired result, which is invisible to the eye and does not alter the shape, flexibility or colour of the fabric.

Woven and finished at our factories in France, this fabric destroys 90% of the most common and most toxic indoor air pollutants: formaldehydes and aldehydes.

How does it work?

At the dyeing stage, an active liquid process is applied to the fabric or sheer, enabling it to isolate and destroy the formaldehyde and aldehyde molecules present in the air.

Linder innovations - Anti-pollution fabric
Linder innovations - Anti-pollution curtains
Anti-pollution Linder Product
Rideaux Linder
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Watch an interview with Patrick Linder on curtains that reduce pollution.

The molecule is broken down on contact with the fabric.

Our fabrics, curtains and sheers not only absorb the molecules of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the active ingredient also breaks down these molecules to ensure healthier indoor air. Our laboratory tests have determined that our anti-pollution fabrics destroy 90% of pollutants in just 72 hours.

Anti Varnishes & Stains Pollution Fabric
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Anti Detergents Pollution Fabric
Anti Glues Pollution Fabric
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