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Natural Materials

Linder Tisseur Créateur designs all of its curtains and fabrics in its own design office in Violay. This gives us complete control of the design process and the choice of origin and quality of the textile fibres, which enables us to meet current and future decoration trends.


Hemp is the strongest natural plant fibre there is. The cultivation of hemp is environmentally friendly and requires even less water than cotton or linen. It is an effective insulator, regulates temperature and protects against UV rays. Naturally antibacterial, hemp limits or even stops the proliferation of certain bacteria and fungi.

Flax (linen)

Flax is a 100% natural fibre, which is farmed sustainably using very little water, little or no fertiliser and no GMOs. Grown and harvested in France, the flax used in the manufacture of Linder curtains is covered by quality labels, ensuring perfect traceability (Oeko-Tex 100, European Flax etc.).