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Sewing and workmanship

Violay (Loire, France)

Linder "Made in France" workmanship relies on teams of seamstresses with fine-tuned, all-round expertise to achieve perfect results. Quality of manufacture and assembly to meet the most exacting requirements.

Assembly and eyelets

For several decades and throughout the boom in window décor, Linder Tisseur Créateur collections have offered a range of assemblies and finishes for fixtures applied by hand (eyelets, slot top, pinch pleat, etc.), in line with the look of the panel and to ensure a perfect drop and fit. Our blend of different finishes allows for unique creations and combinations that have long distinguished the Linder collections.

Embroidery and stitching

Linder seamstresses produce quality Cornely embroidery designs using manual techniques that can only be achieved with many years of experience and perfect handling of the machines.

Made-to-measure and custom assembly

Our made-to-measure service allows us to produce all types of finishes, including one-offs. This means that you can meet specific demands and offer your customers a new service. Please do not hesitate to contact us.