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Violay (Loire, France)

Our teams of stylists and designers immerse themselves in décor trends so that they can come up with increasingly ambitious, innovative or timeless collections...

Fashion design, trends and creation

Trends, colours, patterns, textures, innovations... all our design ideas originate in our own design workshop in Violay.

Designers and creatives draw inspiration from the world around them, from different cultures and contemporary ideas, in order to fulfil the desires and demands of most countries worldwide when it comes to looks and colour. Our designers visit many different countries and exhibitions each year, allowing them to incorporate universal textile décor trends in our collections.

Yarn, the primary raw material

We pay particular attention to the selection of the natural textile fibres and strands that will then be woven on our weaving looms. We always aim to use high-quality local supplies, which allow us to fulfil our creative demands and thus meet contemporary décor trends

Our quality control department has a strict selection process for supplies and checks all our yarns (cotton, polyester, linen etc.) on a daily basis.