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On the creel, hundreds of bobbins are unwound with minute precision so that the yarns are laid next to one another to create the warp that will be used for weaving.

Warping, the first step before weaving

This process consists of winding the yarns that will make up the warp, which will be placed at the back of the loom.

Our ultra-modern warping machines stand alongside their illustrious historical predecessors, which are still in operation and are used for more rustic or traditional yarns (flax, hemp, etc.).

Warping takes place on the same site as weaving, making it possible to switch from warping to weaving without any transport issues or interruption of the production process.

Warping, a skill from the world of Haute Couture

Warping requires great expertise, with each movement requiring precision, so that hundreds of yarns can be arranged next to one another. 

A long period of training is required to obtain a perfect warp. These warp yarns will then encounter the weft yarn on our weaving looms in our Saint-Marcel de Félines factory. A perfect set-up for creating high quality fabrics.