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A committed brand

For many years now, Linder Tisseur Créateur has been committed to a CSR approach that meets the environmental and social requirements of the future.

Production in France

Linder attaches great importance to manufacturing and weaving its curtains, fabrics and sheers in France, in the Loire and Rhône departments (near Lyon). This local production supports sustainable development, employment, social structures, specialist skills and manufacturing quality.

Sustainable Development

For many years, our approach to innovation has focused on eco-friendly innovations that combine aesthetic requirements with respect for the environment:

100% recycled sheer curtains
Upcycled products, etc…

Our new packaging is made of cardboard and printed only a few kilometres from our warehouses.

The Teinture de Tarare (TDT) dyeing plant is classified ICPE (French site classification system for environmental protection) and includes a water reprocessing station on site.

On a daily basis, we sort all our waste: textiles, plastics, paper, wood, etc. We promote electronic communications and limit the volume of packaging. 

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our long-standing local roots and the proximity of our various workshops enable us to limit the transfer of goods and therefore reduce energy consumption.

Our supplies of raw materials and consumables come mainly from local suppliers in France, which also limits transport distance. 


Quality at work

The vast majority of our employees are recruited locally and trained in our factories to acquire the skills and expertise that have become the pride of our teams.

Managers listen to their staff, ensuring the best possible levels of satisfaction in terms of work-life balance.

The safety of our employees is at the heart of our daily concerns, and we take care to ensure workstations are comfortable and safe. We also run regular safety exercises such as fire drills, etc.

This quality at work is reflected in the low turnover of our staff, with some employees spending their entire career with the company.

Respect for consumers

Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we attach great importance to transparency in each of our product communications. We regularly take into account the opinions of our customers in order to improve our products.

Quality labels

The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 labeling ensures the chemical safety of our controlled items and guarantees effective protection against harmful substances.

France Textile Label

The “France Terre Textile” label obtained by our dyeing plant allows us to guarantee the French origin of our processing treatments; it also enables our customers to certify their finished products and to promote French textile expertise.