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Research and Development

Linder Tisseur Créateur's R&D teams are constantly researching to develop useful, responsible and decorative technical products such as depolluting curtains and sheers or upcycled yarn fabrics made from textile industry waste.


Innovation for a better quality of life

We are committed to creating products that are not only decorative, but also useful. This is why our teams have developed the depolluting curtains and sheers that clean the air in your home, and the insulating, soundproofing and blackout curtains.


An eco-responsible composition

For some of our products, we have chosen to use upcycled fibres from textile industry scraps. The raw material is recovered mechanically, without chemical processes, and then spun and woven. This real virtuous circle reduces the environmental impact and transparency of the production line.


Ongoing innovation

You will be able to find new innovative technical products very soon. Follow us to be informed about our new innovative textiles.

Upcycled fibres

Upcycling consists in increasing the life cycle of a material by using production offcuts selected for their quality. The cotton off-cuts thus sorted by colour are used in the manufacture of some of our references. A process that reduces the carbon footprint linked to a specific manufacturing process, less water, less energy.

Depolluting fabrics

The depolluting curtains and sheers are coated with a liquid active process during dyeing which destroys 90% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in our interiors. The molecules of formaldehydes and aldehydes, which can be harmful to health, are destroyed on contact with the fabric. You breathe healthier air in your home!

Outdoor Collection

Rot-proof and resistant to weather and sunlight, our products from the Outdoor collection elegantly adorn exteriors. Our Outdoor models offer a wide choice of colours and the possibility of creating customised outdoor decorations.

insulating and darkening

This range offers darkening curtains for light colours to blackout curtains for dark colours. The high quality workmanship results in a thick fabric, which also has thermal and sound insulating qualities.

OEKO-TEX® label

Linder SA has the OEKO-TEX® label. This label ensures that no products hazardous to health are used in the manufacture of Linder textiles.

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